Let me daydream, already!

I think about Narnia and its castles and creatures. The wonderment and adventure at every turn. Monarchs and their gown.

Ah. Then I am stripped of the dream when modern life snaps it’s fingers at my face.

The boss asked for the sales report.

I give it to him and have another ten minutes to myself.

I think about what heaven or the New Jerusalem would be like when He comes to take me home, away from this place where no one really laughs from their gut. I’m far away, filled with hope. My spirits soar.

I remember His promises and actually believe them. He tells me He’s preparing a room and that He loves me the way no man or mother ever could.

I am willing to do anything, keep any commandment the best I can or sacrifice what I have to give, and the better part feels stronger and willful than the bad part of me.

When my roommate tempts me to gossip. When I’m on the outside looking in. When the traffic signal turns green and prompts me to go, I wake up and must engage with the dreary modern world.

How great it would be to live daydreaming about the life that is to come.

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