It Is By Grace You Have Been Saved.

Because of the great love with which He loved us…by Grace you have been saved.

It is by grace that I have been saved. By grace, only.

My heart cannot fathom a love that is freely given. It has overlooked the prolific downpour of “I love you, come be with me as you are” from above and only looked down in the gutter of my stained hands and body.

I could not find even puddles on earth to wash them with.

With my dirty hands, I clutch the Word of the Bible and open to Ephesians. I read, and my heart cannot even digest real food. I have his endless love. He withholds nothing from me. His blood, he gave. He has given all to me without cost.

I look at my hands again. My skin is new. They are clean.

Could this be real? Could my God have thrust me into the utter glory and eternity of salvation and belonging simply because I am?

My breath leaves me. And finally, it’s over. I rest and weep with relief.

It is by grace I have been saved. I have done nothing. God has given us the free gift to bring us Home. To bring us all.

I will remember You and praise You all the days of my life. By grace I have been saved.

You will be with me always. I will walk under your protection and guidance. Until the end of the age of men and beyond.

How great is my woe while waiting, and greater yet is my hope.

Do you want to go home, reader? Look up. Look to the gospel, beloved one. You were to die for.

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