Oh God, I want to go home.

She sits in her room and wants to meet the One her heart longs for. But she knows on Monday she will wake up, put on her clothes, walk to her car, and drive to the office filled with people who care about money and how witty they sound.

Her heart is going to break in its little ways when they discuss drinking, divorces, and other iller wills, and she hates it. She hates the temptation to join in even more. So it’s done. The day is busy. She feels sad but doesn’t notice for now.

In the cavern of her soul, she asks Him if she can go home.

“I want to be taken up. I can’t make it. I’m so sorry. Forgive me.

I don’t think I can make it.

I can’t STAND this pretend. Father. Let me leave this place that despises Christians. Please take me home”.

But she wakes up the next day and drives to her mother’s, like any other human being.

Her mother tells her that she’s pretty and young, so she should get a boyfriend. Her old friends tell her she is smart and is destined for greatness, so she should look forward to a new role.

But she wants to go to the One who has no need for her to be great. Or pretty. Or even good. There is no one like that on Earth.

So she asks again for Him to take her away. She doesn’t know what she’s doing here. This is not her home. These are not her people. She cannot find a place to rest.

But He tells her,

I will never leave you.

Nor forsake you.

I will hold you in my very right hand.

In a little while, I will come for you.

I am coming.

I am coming, my girl.

I will claim you as my own.

And your tears and pain will be

No more.

So she nods and will wait another day, tears of longing and joy and impatient anguish going down her face.

But she’s waiting yet. And remembering what her Father has said and will continue to say until she comes Home.

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